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Daniel Richard G. (skunk) wrote : This issue should have been solved long ago

My system is a Dell 2350 with a PCI graphics board. The onboard Intel AGP video is unused.

The Dell BIOS is buggy: when the system boots via PCI video, it leaves the onboard AGP video in a semi-catatonic state. Subsequently, if Linux attempts to load the intel-agp kernel module (or was it intel-mch-agp?), the system freezes hard.

I first encountered this issue with Hoary, and worked around it by deleting/renaming the intel-agp.ko and intel-mch-agp.ko files so that the kernel module loader would not find them.

Comment #10 in the thread at describes a cleaner way of addressing the problem---once the system is installed---using a modprobe blacklist. (For installation, it appears that the PCI video card had to be disabled to avoid the freeze.)

I recall seeing once a list message from a Red Hat developer on this issue circa 2.6.13, but cannot find it now, and a search of the kernel changelogs since then turns up nothing apropos.