Comment 44 for bug 23445

Mike Hore (mike-hore) wrote :

Thanks Dylan,

Thanks -- my OSX partition is on # 5, but I'll keep that ready if I need it.

Actually my main problem is that I haven't been able to set up yaboot yet -- for dual-boot I have to choose manual partitioning, but there doesn't seem to be an option to create an Apple_bootstrap partition, then when the installer comes to install yaboot it complains that there's no Apple_bootstrap partition.

I've now done it by dropping into terminal and running mac-fdisk, and I'll try a bit later and see if I can just boot from the CD and run yabootconfig to set up yaboot. Alternatively I might be able to re-run the install and just accept the existing partitions (which are now correct) and continue from there.

Anyway the real problem (maybe needing fixing) is that in manually editing partitions there's no obvious way to create an Apple_bootstrap partition.

Cheers, Mike.