Comment 39 for bug 23445

On 8/28/06, Dylan <email address hidden> wrote:
> I've got Edgy Knot 1 installed and running on my Rev B.
> However, the resolution is totally screwed. If anyone could offer some
> direction or an xconf, that'd be great.
> PS. Bluetooth and AirPort aren't working (although I wouldn't expect
> them to work out of the box, anyway).
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> iMac G5 will freeze after booting up

- morthul surinen
        fenya quelli
     (R.I.P 0x7D4)

It can be easily changed at /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Just add "1440x900" at the resolutions for depth 24. You'll see when
you get there.
I had my Airport working. See
It needs to grab your Airport firmware from

Again you will see when you read the howto.

I suppose needing to find the firmware yourself makes "AirPort not
working" not a bug, but could someone get into dapper a script that
does it automatically (since the modules for hfs+ are in the installer
cd anyway we could grab a copy of it and set up AirPort automatically.