Comment 29 for bug 23445

Mark (azovap002) wrote :

Ben said: "we cannot buy every piece of hardware that doesn't work or that we want to support. It's not a matter of money, it's more a matter of space."

Your viewpoint is in effect "we have enough Macs already." I might sympathize if these bugs were not so ancient, glaring, and cemented into a final release even after multiple user reports and months of time. There was a reason to say that you need actual hardware.

Ben, there have been, and still are, plenty of G5 testers. The test pool is not the problem.

We *already know* where the problems live - bluetooth & sound. The point you're missing is basic. The bugs themselves are what demand developer hardware, not picky users.

Testing in the face of such serious bugs is not something users should do. Some bugs need hardware to solve right. Example - I could not type into yaboot.conf. Glitches froze everything in the middle of editing. It was a race against time to change a single line. That kind of thing makes "user testing" impossible. Yes I used "single" mode and every other trick. I tried every user-forum workaround, removing bluetooth packages, all of it. Nothing helped. If I were an Ubuntu developer with debug output screens and source familiarity, I would know what to do. That is why these bugs call for hardware.

Bugs that sit unsolved for endless months, AND are crashing-kernel severity, AND prevent user boot, AND have multiple corroboration reports, AND have known code locations (sound/bluetooth), merit hardware. Code this broken needs serious developer attention on the actual box. With hardware you'll have them fixed in short order. Without it Ubuntu will continue pretending to support hardware that it doesn't.

That you have other PPC machines is nice but irrelevant. Either Ubuntu supports the iMac G5 or not. If not, take it off the list of supported hardware.

Your office should not be full of hardware that works, but hardware that won't. My advice? Put one of those working G3/G4s in the closet; replace it with a G5. Desk space is then unchanged. No closet? Rent a public storage unit.

At least the G3/4 crowd can boot up and do proper user testing. I can't.