Comment 2 for bug 13502

(In reply to comment #1)
> Downgrading since this isn't a release goal.
> As can be seen on the release schedule, we are in a high-caution period leading
> up to the preview release, and only things which are critical for the preview
> release will be changed at this time.
> After the preview release, the kernel team can evaluate whether this is a safe
> change to enable, and we can consider making the change at that time.

There's nothing unsafe in this operation, fixing it is plain easy and
inoffensive to the rest of things,
but it prevents *all* of *us* who develop or use SELinux and LSM related
projects to make things going

I know we have reached a freeze, but we can't lead users to rebuild kernels just
because missing a small "y" bit in CONFIG_SECURITY_NETWORK.

At least it is a big pain for me and other people working with SELinux
deployment in Ubuntu.