Comment 43 for bug 276445

Michael Hogan (xethik) wrote :

I've been getting a very similar problem, but I've noticed something VERY different. All of the "temporary fixes" in this thread do not work for me and even if I disable my Wireless, I still get random freezes. BUT if I'm not connected to the internet the:
"wifi0: rx FIFO overrun; resetting" won't show up. So, I could be wrong here, but if anyone is having the same problem as me, the overrun might be an effect, not a cause. Again, I'm probably wrong, but it might be something different I have all together. The symptoms are about the same. Every 30 seconds or so, I freeze up, and I can't do anything. Sometimes, I'll recover. Other times, it's game over. I have to reboot.

Hopefully this helps as I really would like to be able to use Ubuntu more often.