restricted driver wl fails to load

Bug #243930 reported by Kinap on 2008-06-29
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linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 (Ubuntu)
Ben Collins

Bug Description

Binary package hint: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-19-generic

earlier package works ok. (

this one failes with the following errors (

if i try to use the lw restricted driver from this package i get:
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708423] wl: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel.
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708565] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_get
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708717] wl: Unknown symbol wf_channel2mhz
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708741] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_isr
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708784] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_set
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708824] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_statsupd
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708862] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_bprintf
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.708981] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_dpc
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709042] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_chipmatch
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709084] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_reset
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709161] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_sendpkt
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709216] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrsrestore
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709240] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_init
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709267] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_parse_tlvs
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709357] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_down
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709397] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_iovar_getint
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709437] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_iovar_setint
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709472] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_up
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709537] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_qdbm_to_mw
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709563] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_mkiovar
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709596] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrsoff
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709623] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_mw_to_qdbm
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709663] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrsupd
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709688] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_ioctl
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709725] wl: Unknown symbol wf_mhz2channel
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709750] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrson
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709775] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_attach
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709825] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_iovar_op
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709852] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_detach
Jun 29 11:42:18 earl kernel: [ 284.709889] wl: Unknown symbol pktsetprio

asked info:
Description: Ubuntu 8.04.1
Release: 8.04

Non-free Linux 2.6.24 modules on x86/x86_64


GravityGripp (gravitygripp) wrote :

I have this problem also. Dell XPS M1530

Michele (mikelito) wrote :

Having the same problem on a Dell inspiron. The culprit seems to be the latest restricted-modules update.
If you still have the 2.6.24-18 kernel in GRUB menu, you can boot that item until this problem is fixed.

Michele (mikelito) wrote :

I think we can confirm this one. The problem is clear, reproducible and the culprit is quite clearly the update of restricted modules.
see also,
which is exactly the same. one of the two should be marked as a duplicate

Changed in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24:
status: New → Confirmed

Confirmed on Hardy 8.04 32-bit - Wednesday's automatic updates of the following components broke the wireless on my HP Compaq 6720s laptop with Broadcom BCM 4310 chipset (wl driver):

linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-19-generic ( to
linux-restricted-modules-common ( to

I have confirmed this behaviour on 2 different laptops, and 3 Hardy 8.04 installs.

dmesg gives:

[ 24.455862] wl: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel.
[ 24.455918] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_get
[ 24.456127] wl: Unknown symbol wf_channel2mhz
[ 24.456156] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_isr
[ 24.456203] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_set
[ 24.456246] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_statsupd
[ 24.456290] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_bprintf
[ 24.456430] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_dpc [ 24.456498] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_chipmatch
[ 24.456548] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_reset
[ 24.456634] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_sendpkt
[ 24.456703] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrsrestore
[ 24.456731] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_init
[ 24.456763] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_parse_tlvs
[ 24.456882] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_down
[ 24.456928] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_iovar_getint
[ 24.456973] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_iovar_setint [ 24.457016] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_up
[ 24.457094] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_qdbm_to_mw
[ 24.457124] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_mkiovar
[ 24.457161] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrsoff
[ 24.457191] wl: Unknown symbol bcm_mw_to_qdbm
[ 24.457238] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrsupd
[ 24.457267] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_ioctl
[ 24.457309] wl: Unknown symbol wf_mhz2channel
[ 24.457338] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_intrson
[ 24.457367] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_attach
[ 24.457426] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_iovar_op
[ 24.457454] wl: Unknown symbol wlc_detach
[ 24.457494] wl: Unknown symbol pktsetprio

I too have this problem - it seems this file was removed from restricted modules:


This breaks wireless for BCM4310 chips.

H&W (highandwild) wrote :

Me too, Dell Inspiron 1525

The changelog for linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-19 shows:

linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( hardy-proposed; urgency=low

  * Just ditch bcmwl from nic-restricted udeb.

 -- Ben Collins <email address hidden> Thu, 26 Jun 2008 19:40:42 -0400

Kinap (felix-flux) wrote :

a workaround until the fix is in, on Ubuntu that is.

use synoptic and force a version.
at least i had 2 in them.



This fix didn't work for me, as I was unable to force the version of one of the packages as the "Force" option in Synaptic was greyed out. My oldest previous kernel was - perhaps this fix works with but I have no way of trying.

Tony Flury (anthony-flury) wrote :


i deleted 2.6.24-19 (just to make sure) and booted 2.6.24-18 (which did work previously) - sadly no dice.

I don't get the error when i do modprobe wl - or the Unknown symbols in demsg - but Wireless connection still does not work.

I will try to reinstall 2.6.24-18 and see if that helps

Tony Flury (anthony-flury) wrote :

Something very odd - i have gone back to the 2.6.24-18 module - and even re-installed it - and still no joy.

wireless connection is not functioning correctly - but it might be me.

Kinap (felix-flux) wrote :

kinda wierd, as my notebook had a choise of 2 version of the generic-modules.

but my main computer don't have them

well i think i was lucky then :)
 44 as being the one from hardy-updates the 42 from some place else, can't see anymore where it is from i think, as it only says (now).

think it was hardy-proposed.

i have selected every think on the updates tab in software sources


Jason Evans (jasdevan) wrote :

Through the Synaptic Package Manager, I enabled the "hardy-backports" repository and was able to remove the 2.6.24-19 modules to install the 2.6.24-18.41 modules and it worked for me (granted, I'm on a 64-bit rather than a 32-bit).

Either way, if you aren't seeing more than one version of the restricted modules, make sure you have the backports repository enabled.

Ben Collins (ben-collins) wrote :

I've uploaded the fix for this to hardy-proposed. Needs to be processed.

Changed in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24:
assignee: nobody → ben-collins
status: Confirmed → Fix Committed
McB (makkbe) wrote :

What is the status on the fix?

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

Accepted into -proposed, please test and give feedback here. Please see for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you in advance!

McB (makkbe) wrote :

Confirmed to work on a HP 6720s with a Broadcom BCM4310 NIC, running 32-bit Ubuntu 8.04.

Ramy (ramy-daghstani) wrote :

i am also confirming it is working on a Dell vostro 1500 with a broadcom BCM4315 (aka Dell wlan 1395) with 32 bit ubuntu hardy

Also confirming that works fine on Ubuntu 8.04.1 32-bit, HP Compaq 6720s with a Broadcom BCM4310 chipset :-)

mike (miguel-villa) wrote :

Me too, confirming that the proposed fix work on Ubuntu 8.04.1 32 bit on a Dell Inspiron I1525-199B with a Dell 1395 Wireless minicard XD ...

mike (miguel-villa) wrote :

sorry a typo, its a Dell Inspiron I1525-119B

Kinap (felix-flux) wrote :

yup working on an Acer notebook hardy 64bit

floid (malte-p) wrote :

Working on a HP M530.

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

Regression, overwhelming positive feedback, and a trivial one-liner patch in Makefile which only affects wl. Waiving the 7 day maturing period and copied to hardy-updates. Thanks to all for testing!

We will investigate how this could have happend to avoid it happening again.

Changed in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
sagyvolkov (sagyvolkov) wrote :

Working on Dell D630

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