Comment 90 for bug 197209

Just tested DaveAbrahams' new scripts and they're working for me. At first they hadn't -- it suspended OK, but resumed to the blinking cursor. I then noticed that when I'd cp'ed /etc/pm/sleep.d/00compiz-fglrx into place, I'd done so with ownership by my ordinary login uid and not root. I chown'ed it and also defined a LOG_FILE_NAME on line 41 to suss out any further issues (because /var/log/pm-suspend.log wasn't showing anything useful). After this, I was able to suspend/resume three times in a row without a problem. Not sure why this fixed it -- perhaps it was previously trying to save the pickle file to /var/run as me instead of as root; but the file isn't SUID so I'm not sure why that would happen. Some ACPI hook magic, maybe...?

In any case, thanks once again to DaveAbrahams for sharing his workarounds. It sure is nice to be able to use compiz again.