Comment 94 for bug 121653

Charl P. Botha (cpbotha) wrote :

@Philipp Kern: There is no open source support for the X1600.

@Timo Jyrinki: Please stop with the apologetics.
1. Desktop effects DO work on fglrx, but you have to go the Xgl+Beryl path (I tested this on 7.04).
2. *WHO* exactly is going to stop wasting their time with workarounds and work on these opensource drivers? If there were a team of programmers diligently banging away at their keyboards, I'd agree with your statement, but there isn't, so you have no argument. ATI's fglrx, as crap as it is, is *lightyears* ahead of any open source effort, at least on my ATI Mobility X1600. It takes less effort and skill working around its problems than it takes getting open source drivers fully functional on a modern GPU. Yes, I do have some idea of what I'm talking about: I implemented the first Linux suspend/resume support for DRI-enabled ATI Radeon drivers, check the XFree86 and X.Org logs.
3. I had suspend/resume, desktop effects AND accelerated 3D under Feisty, now I have to give up two of them to get suspend/resume working. BIG REGRESSION.

Thank you for listening. :)