Comment 87 for bug 121653

I am 99% sure that this patch wouldn't (/shouldn't) do any good
because CONFIG_SUSPEND_SMP is still used in Gutsy's 2.6.22-14-generic
kernel. So the patch effectively disables the powermanagement
facilities of the fglrx module if applied to a kernel earlier than

2007/10/14, Matthew Williams <email address hidden>:
> Semi-success. Using the fglrx module patch above, my NC6000
> successfully gets into sleep mode. However, it hangs hard when waking
> up. The early stages of waking up go ok but then the machine locks up
> after what looks like a video mode switch.
> FYI, the instructions on the web page need a couple of amendments:
> - build the package for ubuntu/gutsy, not ubuntu/feisty
> - delete the existing module in the volatile module directory, do not create the symbolic link
> Also, to get this to work, you need to expand /usr/src/fglrx.tar.bz2,
> patch the header file and then rebuild the tarball so that when module-
> assistant expands the tarball, it gets a patched copy of the header
> file.
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> [gutsy] fglrx breaks over suspend/resume
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