Comment 58 for bug 121653

I can confirm this. I'm running Gutsy on Lenovo T60 (1680x1050 wide screen) with fglrx driver and ati mobility x1400 graphics adapter. With Feisty suspend worked well, as well as with Gutsy running Feisty kernel (2.6.20).

I've tried the driver versions found in feisty's or gutsy's standard repositories, as well as 8.40.4 and 8.41.7.

All fglrx versions worked with feisty kernel, and none of them works with gutsy kernel. There's something wrong with gutsy kernels.

Now my T60 doesn't want to go sleeping. It goes in semi-sleep state the "moon" indicator led and cursor blinking on blank screen.

Gutsy is up-to-date running 2.6.22 generic kernel (2.6.22-13.40).