Comment 48 for bug 121653

Terry, I like the way you think, this would definitely be the way to go!

However, I'll bet you a beer (heck, make that two if you ever end up in my neck of the woods) that this doesn't get officially fixed before Gutsy gets released. :) There is too little time, I've seen irc logs where developers (BenC IIRC) have stated that the chances of them reverting to SLAB are slim (he he, say that quickly), and the changes that you propose are quite significant.

Personally I'm going to hold out for the next release... (I've disabled the kernel driver in order to get working suspend and resume, but then I lose 3D acceleration, which I do need. I've also given up on the power management; it's much improved with tickless, powertop and things like but it still doesn't come even close to XP. Also, the dynamic display support still sucks. Hard. I should blog about this again sometime. End rant.)