Comment 303 for bug 121653

DaveAbrahams (boostpro) wrote :

Fails also with fglrx 8-2, which incidentally is tricky to build for Hardy as things stand now (see below). Everything (basically) seems to work except that the screen never comes back. Occasionally there will be a one-line message on the console, sometimes about a soft lockup (!) which you can see in the attached dmesg. I can ssh into the machine, but the only way to regain control is to kill Xorg, unload fglrx, and reload it, then start up GDM :(. Everything works so closely to the way things were working with Hardy's own fglrx 8-3 that I think I'd find the same thing when ssh'ing in after a resume with that driver.

Next I'll try the 8-1 driver that was part of the distro on the 4/15 daily build CD.


To install 8-2 on Hardy, you need to install dkms, extract the installer files using

  sh --extract x,

add a symlink to a shared object:

  cd x
  pushd arch/x86/usr/X11R6/lib # x86_64 if you have that architecture
  ln -s

then run the build process via

  ./ 8-2 --buildpkg Ubuntu/hardy