Comment 29 for bug 121653

I can confirm the same behavior on my z61m (Intel Core 2 Duo/ATI X1400/latest Gutsy fglrx driver/2.6.22-12 kernel/fresh install of tribe 5 + updates, otherwise stock): initiating suspend results in a black screen, a blinking cursor in the corner and a blinking half moon LED. This happens during entry into suspend - it starts suspending and never completes. A hard reset with the power button is all that will bring the system back to life.

Could someone elaborate on the following statement from above: "also tried it on a custom Gutsy kernel 22-11-generic from git yesterday, only changing SLUB to SLAB in the config. Suspends / Resumes fine, but its too much hazzle, as none of the restricted modules will work of course."? I've no problem building a custom kernel while this gets resolved, but I'm not clear what exactly this will affect or what else would need possible rebuilding. The only 2 restricted modules installed on my system are fglrx and HAL. Would I need to rebuild these as well if running a SLAB kernel?