Comment 224 for bug 121653

This version is definitely better: I am no longer experiencing screen corruption on the lower right nor near the cursor, which seemed to occur after a certain length of time. Miraculously, composite actually works, allowing compiz to run under a normal xorg session, however there are a number of issues:

* The refresh rate with compiz enabled is terribly slow, video is almost unwatchable due to slow frame rate. Without compiz enabled, everything is fine (I am even getting amazing rates for hardware acceleration.

* With compiz enabled, after a certain length of time (it seems to occur most with a terminal open), the window painting becomes desynced compared to the actual window position (that is, when you try to move a window, you realize it is actually about 300px to the left), and moving the window leaves traces on the windows behind. This may be a compiz problem, but I had never experienced it before using the newer driver.

These problems make compiz unusable, which is a shame.

* Suspend works, in that it goes to sleep (after a fast blinking of the screen, which is probably due to a 'fade out' effect gone wrong), and stops the computer. It appears to take a little longer than before, but its not really an issue.

* However resume fails. Computer restarts ok, but then never reaches X again. Sometimes, even Sysreqs don't work, showing a major kernel freeze. This is bad, as the previous version of the driver worked about one in three times (though sometimes causing the HD to grind, making everything too slow).

So in conclusion my current experience with the latest driver causes better graphics than the older one, and better overall stability. However compiz is too slow to use, and resume fails. This may be a configuration issue, so if anyone has any tips,...

I am using the generic 7.10 kernel, and have an ATI RADEON X700 embedded card.