Comment 143 for bug 121653

"Are you all sure that recompiling with SLAB will actually help?"

Yes. I compiled my own kernel, exactly like Ubuntu's except for SLAB being enabled instead of SLUB, and now the machine suspends properly. It doesn't wake up properly, but that's another, older bug (Bug #84991).

"I installed this version of the driver and now my windows move very,
 very slowly. My X is basically fubar'd with the ati driver. How can I
 remove it and go back to the less busted version that came with Gutsy?"

Make sure that you put Option "TexturedVideo" "on" in the ServerFlags section of your xorg.conf. This changed my AIGLX performance radically.

"X works nicely for me in Gutsy on my T60 [with the vesa driver]"

Yup... this bug only applies to suspending with the FGLRX driver. My machine suspends (using hibernate-ram) with the new RadeonHD driver, whether I have SLAB or SLUB. When the FGLRX kernel module is loaded, however, it only suspends if I use a kernel with SLAB allocation.