Comment 141 for bug 121653

I installed this version of the driver and now my windows move very,
very slowly. My X is basically fubar'd with the ati driver. How can I
remove it and go back to the less busted version that came with Gutsy?


On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 18:19 +0000, aldebx wrote:

> please have a try with latest AMD/ATi drivers ver. 8.42. these seem to fix this bug.
> with those shipped with Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 I experienced this problem as well, however after upgrading I can again suspend and hibernate without any issue.
> a prepacked version from ubuntu repositories is not yet available (it
> will be in some time) in the meantime you can download them from:
> please remember to run aticonfig --initial after installing and also
> that after each further kernel update you will need to re install them
> as far as the package will not be provided directly from ubuntu
> repositories.

Clayton Taylor Dillard