Comment 122 for bug 121653

Is there anyway we can just pre-compile some kernels with SLAB (along
with whatever modules maybe needed), and just host it somewhere, or
maybe even seed it on a torrent? I'll be happy to seed it if someone can
provide the binaries/deb files.

Philipp Kern wrote:
> The kernel developers did not share there insight into this with me.
> I'd guess from what I heard from them that SLUB is easier to debug and
> performing better than the old allocator.
> I understand the reasoning why they do not provide special SLAB
> flavours, though: this would double the number of kernel flavours as
> every flavour in existence needs to be provided as a SLUB and a SLAB
> one. Now I already suggested to only provide SLAB flavours for generic
> variants, but the kernel developers repeatedly called me insane for the
> call for different flavours where only the memory allocator differs.