Comment 119 for bug 121653

Philipp Kern (pkern) wrote :

Dear future bug commenters,

time to invoke my Ubuntu hat.

Please consider that you generate a lot of noise for many people if you comment on this bug. No more confirmations are needed. And please do not assume that the "usual" workarounds like "POST_VIDEO" and vbetool stuff will work here. The problem is confirmed, traced back to the problem and cannot be *solved* by Ubuntu developers except by either introducing a special kernel flavour which they already refused or by ATI releasing a fixed driver.

When you apply the workarounds stated here you are on your own. They might or might not work. If you are about to add another one, please consider if there is a sensible amount of new information in your comment (in contrast to the previous ones) and please don't just comment for the sake of it, subscribing to the bug does not need a comment but could also be done through the "Subscribe" action on the top-left of the bug page.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern