Comment 108 for bug 121653

michael37 (misha37) wrote :

@Timo Jyrinki
Regarding desktop effects, I'm aware that Xgl works with fglrx for desktop effects, but I'm usually talking about ordinary user's perspective, sorry for not pointing that out. No ordinary user will ever install alternative X server, so for most users fglrx does not work with desktop effects. For those people knowledgeable enough to install and configure alternative X server, they can also probably hack away with workarounds that probably will appear for fglrx, or install their own fglrx drivers when the newest ones are released.

I would like to point out that enabling of alternative X server in Gutsy is accomplished with installing xserver-xgl package and a reboot. And that's it. The underlying complexity of using two displays and running two X servers is completely hidden from an average user. All the scripts are well packaged with the xserver-xgl from standard Ubuntu repositories.

Why am I defending Xgl? Because fgrlx+Xgl+Compiz is a not only capable of fast 3D graphics+desktop effects but also is the only usable combination on laptops with ATI cards and non-standard resolution (like mine, 1440x900 -- not supported by ati driver). And that raises the severity of this bug only greater since I can no longer use suspend on my laptop.