Comment 100 for bug 121653

I have same issue with Inspiron 1501 and fglrx. I would try Xorg
radeon driver for suspend and hibernation.

2007/10/17, AaronT <email address hidden>:
> I would just like to add if not already known that my laptop, a Dell
> Inspiron 1501 (w/Radeon Xpress) embedded video card and Ubuntu 7.10 will
> not enter or resume from standby or hibernate. This bug unfortunately,
> if not fixed will ultimately force me to revert back to 7.04 because as
> a student in school, I need my laptop to enter and resume from standby
> or hibernate throughout the day.
> I would like to know if any other Inspiron 1501 users have the same
> issue.
> - Aaron T
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> [gutsy] fglrx breaks over suspend/resume
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