Comment 9 for bug 98641

Just another note, I had had 9755 working on my system, with a custom built kernel, but lost it with a set of upgrades today. I was doing some cleanup and removed some old built kernels at the same time. Between that and changing from the nvidia-glx package to the nvidia-glx-new package, the needed file must have disappeared from my system.

Can someone confirm exactly which package this driver is "supposed" to live in. Does it get built as part of the nvidia-new-kernel-source package if you are building the kernel and modules, or is it in the nvidia-glx-new package or some other package? I just spent a few hours combing through the packages from my cache that got removed and couldn't find it anywhere, but it must have been on my system, since I had that exact version of the driver (9755) running this morning.

The workaround did not work for me, since I am on an AMD64 platform, and the pre-built driver from the NVIDIA website is a 32 bit version.