Comment 50 for bug 47371

mach3k (mach3k) wrote :

I am using radeon X1400 and i have the same problem after installing ati 8.25.18 in Vidalinux beta 1.3

(kernel 2.6.16)

Driver compiles just fine, Xgl start, but reports
ERROR: DDX driver fingerprint mismatch: got 0xC20D27F9, but expected 0x32C4A39B

libGL error: InitDriver failed

glxgears and fgl_glxinfo report the errors given above.

Oddly enough, the card used to work with 8.24.18 in my previous ubuntu installation. Xgl also worked in gentoo/vidalinux, but the server would hang whenever i would try *resizing*. i m gonna try the libGL replacement hack, hope it works.