[linux-oem] Use I2C transport for touchpad on Precision M5530

Bug #1746661 reported by Kai-Heng Feng
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linux-oem (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

=== SRU Justification ===
Touchpad on Precision M5530 uses PS/2 instead of I2C as its transport.

[Test Case]
The touchpad binds to psmouse instead of i2c_hid.
With the patch, the touchpad uses i2c_hid instead.

LKML Link: https://lkml.org/lkml/2018/1/30/963
The de facto standard, Windows, parse its DSDT as a term list. The DSDT
table on Precision M5530 also designed that way, hence we should just
respect that.
Add a new quirk for this specific machine.
I'll backport the patch for stable releases once it's upstreamed.

[Regression Potential]
Low. This fix is limited to XPS 15 9570/Precision M5530. Also it's the
"correct" way to do for this machine.

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux-oem - 4.13.0-1021.23

linux-oem (4.13.0-1021.23) xenial; urgency=low

  * linux-oem: 4.13.0-1021.23 -proposed tracker (LP: #1748481)

  * Intel 9462 A370:42A4 doesn't work (LP: #1748853)
    - SAUCE: iwlwifi: Adding missing id A370:42A4

  * headset mic can't be detected on two Dell machines (LP: #1748807)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Support headset mode for ALC215/ALC285/ALC289
    - ALSA: hda - Fix headset mic detection problem for two Dell machines

  * [linux-oem] Use I2C transport for touchpad on Precision M5530 (LP: #1746661)
    - SAUCE: ACPI: Parse entire table as a term_list for Dell XPS 9570 and
      Precision M5530

  * QCA9377 requires more IRAM banks for its new firmware (LP: #1748345)
    - SAUCE: ath10k: change QCA9377 IRAM back to 9

  * TrackPoint: middle button doesn't work on TrackPoint-compatible device.
    (LP: #1746002)
    - Input: trackpoint - force 3 buttons if 0 button is reported

  * [linux-oem] Fix out of bound VBT pin on CNP (LP: #1746411)
    - drm/i914/bios: amend child device config parameters
    - drm/i915/bios: document BDB versions of child device config fields
    - drm/i915/bios: remove the raw version of child device config
    - drm/i915/bios: add legacy contents to common child device config
    - drm/i915/bios: throw away high level child device union
    - drm/i915/bios: throw away struct old_child_dev_config
    - drm/i915/bios: document child device config dvo_port values a bit better
    - drm/i915/bios: group device type definitions together
    - drm/i915/bios: throw away unused DVO_* macros
    - drm/i915/bios: drop the rest of the p_ prefixes from pointers
    - drm/i915/cnl: Don't trust VBT's alternate pin for port D for now.
    - drm/i915/cnl: Map VBT DDC Pin to BSpec DDC Pin.
    - drm/i915/bios: split up iboost to hdmi and dp bitfields
    - drm/i915/bios: add DP max link rate to VBT child device struct
    - drm/i915/cnp: Ignore VBT request for know invalid DDC pin.
    - drm/i915/cnp: Properly handle VBT ddc pin out of bounds.

  * Miscellaneous upstream changes
    - Rebase to 4.13.0-35.39
    - [Config] update configs following rebase to 4.13.0-35.39
    - [oem config] Keep ignoring retpoline

  [ Ubuntu: 4.13.0-35.39 ]

  * linux: 4.13.0-35.39 -proposed tracker (LP: #1748743)
  * CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre v2 Intel)
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: turn off IBPB when full retpoline is present"
    - SAUCE: turn off IBRS when full retpoline is present
    - [Packaging] retpoline files must be sorted
    - [Packaging] pull in retpoline files

  [ Ubuntu: 4.13.0-34.37 ]

  * linux: 4.13.0-34.37 -proposed tracker (LP: #1748475)
  * libata: apply MAX_SEC_1024 to all LITEON EP1 series devices (LP: #1743053)
    - libata: apply MAX_SEC_1024 to all LITEON EP1 series devices
  * KVM patches for s390x to provide facility bits 81 (ppa15) and 82 (bpb)
    (LP: #1747090)
    - KVM: s390: wire up bpb feature
  * artful 4.13 i386 kernels crash after memory hotplug remove (LP: #1747069)
    - Revert "mm, memory_hotplug: do not associate hotadded memory to zones until
  * CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre v2 Intel)
    - x86/feature: Enable the x86 ...

Changed in linux-oem (Ubuntu Xenial):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
Changed in hwe-next:
status: New → Fix Released
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