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Eric Miao (eric.y.miao) wrote :

A total of 34 patches

[PATCH 01/34] sound: update the RT655 codec kcontrols
[PATCH 02/34] dove: disable the KG2 display driver
[PATCH 03/34] dovefb: add board option for disabling the edid polling
[PATCH 04/34] Update new dummy EDID data to support more VESA standard timings.
[PATCH 05/34] giga hal: set phy address to 1
[PATCH 06/34] writeback: disable periodic old data writeback for !dirty_writeback_centisecs
[PATCH 07/34] dove: tune pcei phy to pass electrical testing
[PATCH 08/34] fix I2C wait event timeout issue
[PATCH 09/34] dove: enable USB gadget file storage testing option
[PATCH 10/34] dove: support using gpio-i2c driver for the i2c bus of the VGA
[PATCH 11/34] LCD dovefb: Support extension dummy EDID. 2. Add more video mode into extension EDID.
[PATCH 12/34] LCD dovefb: move the clock setting part in dovefb_gfx.c to clock.c
[PATCH 13/34] LCD dovefb: refine configure ref clk and lcd internal divider flow and give detailed comments.
[PATCH 14/34] LCD dovefb: Refine data structure for reference clock selection
[PATCH 15/34] LCD dovefb: Separate accurate and inaccurate mode clock by add a new clk structure.
[PATCH 16/34] 1. default set lcd0 uses ext refclk0 and lcd1 uses internal refclk. 2. auto turn on accurate mode.
[PATCH 17/34] Refine LCD refclk bootargs comments and update dove_defconfig.
[PATCH 18/34] Refine the bootargs usage mechanism and update all board setup files.
[PATCH 19/34] dove: update the LCD internal clock accurate mode setting
[PATCH 20/34] sound: add Record Gain Capture Switch to the rt655 codec
[PATCH 21/34] fix lcd backward compatibility for clk source selection
[PATCH 22/34] Fix invalidate I$ all
[PATCH 23/34] Add CPU errata 4574 and 4731 SWFIX
[PATCH 24/34] Add missed isb and dsb
[PATCH 25/34] Marvell CPU errata 4315 S/W FIX
[PATCH 26/34] dove: enable CPU (PJ4) work arounds 4574,4731,4315
[PATCH 27/34] Fix code logic of function, is_clksrc_pll()
[PATCH 28/34] CS42l51 codec: unmute codec on system resume
[PATCH 29/34] sound: use ac97_codec for dove insteadof rt655
[PATCH 30/34] LCD dovefb: set edid data when edid paramete disabled.
[PATCH 31/34] dove: use DOVE_PCIE0/1_IO_BUS_BASE for PCI bus addresses
[PATCH 32/34] dove: provide phy address for old dove db boards
[PATCH 33/34] sound orion i2s: clear pause, spdif and i2s mute fields on playback
[PATCH 34/34] dove: sync dove_defconfig file with ac97 codec changes