Comment 5 for bug 156804

Christoph Lechleitner (lech) wrote :

Ah, that you meant.

The server kernel will never get X11 support ;->>

I used the server kernel (and nvidia's own installer) for some time myself, but that's really not the way it should be.

I agree with your solution list and that #1 is the favourite.

However I'd generally love to see more complete and better 64/32 bit compatibility work, because I sometimes do things that are impossible to do with 32bit software.
+ opening a >2GB text file with gvim ;-)
+ rendering PDFs and HPGL files where the pixel representations becomes larger than 2GB

Obviously, some "small poor companies" like Adobe, Google, Opera, Skype, RealMedia, ... really need to start providing 64bit binaries!!!