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Bug #1313767 reported by Brad Figg on 2014-04-28
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linux-lts-raring (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally
       backported form of that patch. The upstream stable
       patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu
       kernel as well.



       The following patches are in the stable release:
            x86, AVX-512: Enable AVX-512 States Context Switch
            ib_srpt: Use correct ib_sg_dma primitives
            target/tcm_fc: Fix use-after-free of ft_tpg
            x86-64, modify_ldt: Ban 16-bit segments on 64-bit kernels
            b43: Fix machine check error due to improper access of B43_MMIO_PSM_PHY_HDR
            lib/percpu_counter.c: fix bad percpu counter state during suspend
            ALSA: ice1712: Fix boundary checks in PCM pointer ops
            hung_task: check the value of "sysctl_hung_task_timeout_sec"
            wait: fix reparent_leader() vs EXIT_DEAD->EXIT_ZOMBIE race
            mm: hugetlb: fix softlockup when a large number of hugepages are freed.
            mm: try_to_unmap_cluster() should lock_page() before mlocking
            iscsi-target: Fix ERL=2 ASYNC_EVENT connection pointer bug
            Skip intel_crt_init for Dell XPS 8700
            ocfs2: do not put bh when buffer_uptodate failed
            ocfs2: dlm: fix recovery hung
            ocfs2: dlm: fix lock migration crash
            sh: fix format string bug in stack tracer
            drm/radeon: call drm_edid_to_eld when we update the edid
            drm/vmwgfx: correct fb_fix_screeninfo.line_length
            pid_namespace: pidns_get() should check task_active_pid_ns() != NULL
            reiserfs: fix race in readdir
            don't bother with {get,put}_write_access() on non-regular files
            IB/ehca: Returns an error on ib_copy_to_udata() failure
            IB/mthca: Return an error on ib_copy_to_udata() failure
            nfsd: check passed socket's net matches NFSd superblock's one
            x86: Adjust irq remapping quirk for older revisions of 5500/5520 chipsets
            ALSA: hda - Enable beep for ASUS 1015E
            MIPS: Hibernate: Flush TLB entries in swsusp_arch_resume()
            nfsd4: fix setclientid encode size
            NFSv4: Fix a use-after-free problem in open()
            dm thin: fix dangling bio in process_deferred_bios error path
            drm/i915/tv: fix gen4 composite s-video tv-out
            lockd: ensure we tear down any live sockets when socket creation fails during lockd_up
            NFSD: Traverse unconfirmed client through hash-table
            dm: take care to copy the space map roots before locking the superblock
            dm transaction manager: fix corruption due to non-atomic transaction commit
            nfsd: notify_change needs elevated write count
            nfsd4: fix test_stateid error reply encoding
            nfsd4: leave reply buffer space for failed setattr
            nfsd4: session needs room for following op to error out
            nfsd4: buffer-length check for SUPPATTR_EXCLCREAT
            x86, hyperv: Bypass the timer_irq_works() check
            gpio: mxs: Allow for recursive enable_irq_wake() call
            Btrfs: fix deadlock with nested trans handles
            audit: convert PPIDs to the inital PID namespace.
            pid: get pid_t ppid of task in init_pid_ns
            ASoC: cs42l51: Fix SOC_DOUBLE_R_SX_TLV shift values for ADC, PCM, and Analog kcontrols
            mfd: tps65910: Fix possible invalid pointer dereference on regmap_add_irq_chip fail
            mfd: max77693: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference on i2c_new_dummy error
            mfd: 88pm860x: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference on i2c_new_dummy error
            mfd: 88pm860x: Fix I2C device resource leak on regmap init fail
            mfd: max8925: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference on i2c_new_dummy error
            mfd: max8998: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference on i2c_new_dummy error
            mfd: max77686: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference on i2c_new_dummy error
            mfd: max8997: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference on i2c_new_dummy error
            mfd: Include all drivers in subsystem menu
            ASoC: cs42l52: Fix mask bits for SOC_VALUE_ENUM_SINGLE
            ASoC: cs42l73: Fix mask bits for SOC_VALUE_ENUM_SINGLE
            regulator: arizona-ldo1: Correct default regulator init_data
            mfd: sec-core: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference when i2c_new_dummy error
            IB/nes: Return an error on ib_copy_from_udata() failure instead of NULL
            IB/ipath: Fix potential buffer overrun in sending diag packet routine
            USB: unbind all interfaces before rebinding any
            usb: gadget: tcm_usb_gadget: stop format strings
            ath9k: fix ready time of the multicast buffer queue
            mtip32xx: Unmap the DMA segments before completing the IO request
            mtip32xx: Set queue bounce limit
            ARM: OMAP2+: INTC: Acknowledge stuck active interrupts
            arm64: Do not synchronise I and D caches for special ptes
            arm64: Make DMA coherent and strongly ordered mappings not executable
            arm64: Use Normal NonCacheable memory for writecombine
            virtio_balloon: don't softlockup on huge balloon changes.
            iwlwifi: dvm: take mutex when sending SYNC BT config command
            mtd: atmel_nand: Disable subpage NAND write when using Atmel PMECC
            jffs2: Fix crash due to truncation of csize
            jffs2: Fix segmentation fault found in stress test
            jffs2: avoid soft-lockup in jffs2_reserve_space_gc()
            jffs2: remove from wait queue after schedule()
            Btrfs: skip submitting barrier for missing device
            staging:serqt_usb2: Fix sparse warning restricted __le16 degrades to integer
            xhci: Prevent runtime pm from autosuspending during initialization
            rtlwifi: rtl8723ae: Fix too long disable of IRQs
            rtlwifi: rtl8192se: Fix too long disable of IRQs
            rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix too long disable of IRQs
            blktrace: fix accounting of partially completed requests
            usb: gadget: atmel_usba: fix crashed during stopping when DEBUG is enabled
            [media] uvcvideo: Do not use usb_set_interface on bulk EP
            Bluetooth: Fix removing Long Term Key
            tty: Set correct tty name in 'active' sysfs attribute
            [media] m88rs2000: prevent frontend crash on continuous transponder scans
            [media] m88rs2000: add caps FE_CAN_INVERSION_AUTO
            [media] media: gspca: sn9c20x: add ID for Genius Look 1320 V2
            x86, AVX-512: AVX-512 Feature Detection
            usb: dwc3: fix wrong bit mask in dwc3_event_devt
            hvc: ensure hvc_init is only ever called once in hvc_console.c
            tgafb: fix data copying
            tgafb: fix mode setting with fbset
            mach64: fix cursor when character width is not a multiple of 8 pixels
            mach64: use unaligned access
            framebuffer: fix cfb_copyarea
            matroxfb: restore the registers M_ACCESS and M_PITCH
            ARM: 7954/1: mm: remove remaining domain support from ARMv6
            w1: fix w1_send_slave dropping a slave id
            drm/i915: quirk invert brightness for Acer Aspire 5336
            sparc64: don't treat 64-bit syscall return codes as 32-bit
            sparc32: fix build failure for arch_jump_label_transform
            Revert "sparc64: Fix __copy_{to,from}_user_inatomic defines."
            sparc: PCI: Fix incorrect address calculation of PCI Bridge windows on Simba-bridges
            rds: prevent dereference of a NULL device in rds_iw_laddr_check
            isdnloop: several buffer overflows
            isdnloop: Validate NUL-terminated strings from user.
            netlink: don't compare the nul-termination in nla_strcmp
            ipv6: some ipv6 statistic counters failed to disable bh
            xen-netback: remove pointless clause from if statement
            vhost: validate vhost_get_vq_desc return value
            vhost: fix total length when packets are too short
            usbnet: include wait queue head in device structure
            ip6mr: fix mfc notification flags
            ipmr: fix mfc notification flags
            rtnetlink: fix fdb notification flags
            vxlan: fix potential NULL dereference in arp_reduce()
            ipv6: ip6_append_data_mtu do not handle the mtu of the second fragment properly
            ipv6: Avoid unnecessary temporary addresses being generated
            net: socket: error on a negative msg_namelen
            tcp: tcp_release_cb() should release socket ownership
            vlan: Set correct source MAC address with TX VLAN offload enabled
            ipv6: don't set DST_NOCOUNT for remotely added routes
            ipv6: Fix exthdrs offload registration.
            net: unix: non blocking recvmsg() should not return -EINTR
            bridge: multicast: add sanity check for query source addresses
            net: sctp: fix skb leakage in COOKIE ECHO path of chunk->auth_chunk

Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2014-04-28
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2014-04-28
description: updated
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2014-04-28
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Invalid
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2014-10-10
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Precise):
status: New → Fix Released
affects: linux (Ubuntu) → linux-lts-raring (Ubuntu)
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