Comment 27 for bug 1520343

Dennis Marttinen (technowelho) wrote :

Hi Daniel,

I had similar connection problems, as I had to use an USB WiFi dongle and cable ethernet before I got the Atheros card working. This had changed /etc/resolv.conf, so when removed all parameters from the file and replaced them with the following, the "freezing" issue didn't occur any more:

nameserver <your local loopback address, for example>
search <address of your router, for example>

You can find the local address with the command:

ifconfig lo

And the router address by looking for "Default Route" in your network settings.

Remember to check /etc/network/interfaces for any unnecessary parameters, mine contains only:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

The wireless interface doesn't require any parameters. Otherwise I'm glad that the fix worked for you as well.