Comment 43 for bug 1454450

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Bluetooth coexistence has also come up in Bluetooth audio bug reports. However it's very much specific to the driver you're using. In particular, Qualcomm Atheros users please see bug 1746164.

If you're using a better supported Intel wifi/Bluetooth chip then I would expect it's not a driver problem but a local environmental problem with 2.4GHz interference, or just poor signal between the laptop and mouse. So you will need to do your own detective work there.

Broadcom chips, I'm not sure about their status but bug 1518408 is still open for them.

Finally, one tip: Close the Settings app before testing Bluetooth quality. While gnome-control-center is open and scanning for devices, it will impede Bluetooth signal quality (bug 1797002).