Comment 42 for bug 634487

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

I just want to add the results of some quick tests I did for Natty. The test (as it was described above) was to install openjdk-6-jdk (there is no sun package for Natty, yet). I tried on two us-east-1 t1.micro 32bit instances and one us-west-1 64bit instance, plus on a 32bit instance that used the same disk image and kernel (2.6.38-7.49) as ec2.

The ec2 results are exactly as they were:
32bit: hang with the xen_extend_mmu_update failing with rc=-22
64bit: success (as it does not call the same post-install code)

However my 32bit test system ran without any issues as well. Unfortunately there are two major differences:

EC2: Xen version: 3.1.2-128.1.10.el5 (preserve-AD), CPU Intel Xeon E5430
Local: Xen version: 3.4.3 (preserve-AD), CPU AMD Opteron 6128

So there could be two possible origins of the problem: the cpu specific mmu code or the hypervisor itself.