Comment 18 for bug 614853

joe williams (joetify) wrote :

I doubt they are related but figured it was worth mentioning last night we got soft lockups (not the divide by zero panics we've seen in the past) on a machine. Our hosting provider's KVM software didnt allow me to get the text but i got some screenshots.

From the first function call in the trace it looks like its in the meta information block cache. Maybe due to the spinlock or a bug in xfs?

joe@der-dieb ~/Downloads/linux- $ ack mb_cache_shrink_fn .
118:static int mb_cache_shrink_fn(int nr_to_scan, gfp_t gfp_mask);
121: .shrink = mb_cache_shrink_fn,
189: * mb_cache_shrink_fn() memory pressure callback
200:mb_cache_shrink_fn(int nr_to_scan, gfp_t gfp_mask)