Comment 1 for bug 264349

lsw (lwasserm-sdf) wrote :

I recently installed lighttpd and had the same problem. I found this bug report while searching for a solution. I thought I'd play with the order of loading modules and found that if mod_ssi is loaded in the lighttpd.conf server.modules section before mod_compress, then ssi and compression will both work. Apparently if done the other way around lighttpd compresses the file before it does the includes.

server.modules = (
# load mod_ssi before mod_compress or ssi won't work.
# "mod_rewrite",
# "mod_redirect",
# "mod_status",
# "mod_evhost",
# "mod_usertrack",
# "mod_rrdtool",
# "mod_webdav",
# "mod_expire",
# "mod_flv_streaming",
# "mod_evasive"