Comment 5 for bug 109559

Reopened, sorry.Resolution not seems to be acceptable for me, that's why...

1) I see no any valid reasons why updater should want to touch my (pre-existing and non-empty) logs directory (/var/logs/lighttpd) on working server.It already exists.It works.Logs are not part of package but a runtime-generated data and if server works, things are definitely tuned to do work right.Why the hell should updater then mess things up?I can understand if I'm installing package from scratch and there is no directory - ok to create new one with defaults.But changing parameters of pre-existing directories during update without a strong reason is a very bad idea, IMHO.

2) Touching logs directory of working server when it's not empty (during update) in best case will do exactly nothing.In not so lucky case it will sabotage lighttpd server's operation or do whatever else system administrator hardly will like.So, what is gained here, then? I'm thinking this operation on update is utterly stupid.

3) Non-default user may be convenient in some cases.Like it was in my one.

4) As a system administrator I want to trust to Ubuntu's installer and updater, up to level when scheduled updates are applied automatically in some cases when I can't manage things manually immediately.Right now this may lead to very poor experience.Updater is definitely not expected to apply destructive (but useless) changes to my system.

P.S. actually, such behavior caused some real server outage (not critical one, luckily).While I can read any documentation, this will not change the fact that installer does meaningless but destructive action which sabotages server's normal operation.Do you really expect I will use such system with so "competent" repositories maintenance on some critical servers, then?Will try to reopen bug since it's pretty annoying.