Comment 78 for bug 857651

Piorities are a bit odd, eventually all packages affected (low prio as they can't do much about it) actually depend on lightdm to resolve it (prio medium) which depends on accountsservive to implement some shell-filter feature (prio high).

TL;DR as there was a lot of discussion up to now:
- users need a way to be hidden other than "uid is low"
- [1] outlines the place/feature we'd need to get back what we had in the past
- [2] outlines that this is a regression and should be handled in lightdm/accountsservice and not all indirectly affected packages

Note: the updated upstream bug is [3], but since this is still a semi-static list instead of detecting hidden shells as it did in the past it is not perfect for what would be needed.
Furthermore nothing happened on this bug for quite some time.
And finally due to being a semi-static list it is almost worse than the workaround of
  echo -e "[User]\nSystemAccount=true" > /var/lib/AccountsService/users/libvirt-qemu
Which could at least be a per-package owned drop-in config.

Once more I'd ask the Desktop Team to evaluate how this could be solved.
At least Towards 20.04 we should get rid of this annoyance for users.
Please let me know if:
- there is any chance that we get a hidden-shell filtering into accountsservice that will fix all affected packages at once?
- if this will not happen and affected packages are supposed to each use the drop-in config. Which means a denial of the argument that was made in [2]

While I'd appreciate getting the right solution (accountsservice filters) we were stalled for too long to use the workaround solution by waiting for it to resolve. So I hope kicking this (once more) helps to at least get to some solution for the users.