Comment 21 for bug 1059137

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

So, our patch (working in the past) didn't work anymore, it was changing the ubuntu-2d to ubuntu session. See debian/patches/01_transition_ubuntu2d_ubuntu_desktop.patch

This code is still called and the exchange is done, However, it seems that now that lightdm moved to account services, the value is somewhat overriden.

I tried various g_debug() and replacing the value in different place, without any luck (I put high hopes in src/accounts.c TBH as it was referencing XSession, but the g_debug shows that the code isn't even called). TryExec which used to work on the past isn't read anymore as well :(

I attach the patch with different places I tried to patch it and start to be frightened about autologin and other similar case. All of them were covered by the old patch. Mike, as you know better the code than me, can you have a look at this? Thanks!