Comment 80 for bug 925895

Stan Angeloff (stanangeloff) wrote :

@mc3man: I wouldn't call not playing nice with others 'obscure'. The decision to go with both dark/light menus should have taken into account software that can be themed, e.g., Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. A lot of these will now result in having oddly coloured menus which would in turn be reported as bugs back on this tracker or worse, the developers of that software would have to make exceptions for Ubuntu.

The titlebar case is the most prominent one as it violates all conventions, regardless of its origins, e.g., gtk2/3.

Ubuntu even doesn't play nice with itself. The expectation that light menus appear from light sources breaks the moment the wallpaper on the desktop is switched to dark.

This carries on to built-in apps such as `nautilus` where the path toolbar, despite being dark, 'gives off' light menus.

So, in summary, someone came up with a perfectly viable idea, I wouldn't say I don't like it. The idea was executed, but not without its flaws... some more obvious than others. The issues haven't been addressed, worse they haven't been acknowledged as such hence no further constructive feedback can be given, thus the lack of a good discussion.

With Precise hitting the mainstream tomorrow, Users are going to receive a half-baked theme which doesn't respond to any expectation. Menus would, in reality, give off random colours.

I have limited knowledge about authoring themes as well, but I'm not giving up that easily. Hopefully soon enough someone, not Canonical, would come up with an alternative and we can all rejoice.

/rant done