Comment 11 for bug 925895

@fitoschido There is a difference between bright and white (and when it comes to good monitors -- like the one I have -- you can see every step of black they use -- really well.) I would not personally see a white menu or even a 'bright' menu on a black theme any valid design decision, it's bad enough that the gradients changed in 11.04 and look bad now (IMNSHO, but not bad enough to make me complain) and that the orange is not dark enough on the blacks they use but now you want to justify a white or bright menu? You can't justify such a change like you can a badly selected orange or a badly made gradient.

Though, I wouldn't fight them making a high-contrast Ambiance and a low-contrast ambiance, one that well make menus brighter and uses a bad orange and one that lowers the tones of the menus and makes the orange darker and more subtle on the blacks and even uses a subtle gray for the nautilus background (making it less eye straining.) I wish I knew enough about GTK theming to do it and contribute to this area, but alas no time :(