Comment 797 for bug 532633

Sorry, I didnt want to sound accusatory or anything. But for me, the reason I switched to linux was the ability to customize it for me. This Unity is taking more and more of it away from me. From this 11.10 release of Ubuntu, to get my controls on my right, ill need to change theme. For this, ill need to use a gnome-tweak-tool, which will install gnome3 shell as dependency. So to get my unity correct, ill need to go install gnome-shell which was the main thing unity wished to avoid.

My preferred solution would be have a drop down asking user to choose between right and left controls where theme is being selected.
Alternatively, something like a config file in /etc where i just change the value to right.
The hierarchy in dconf gconf is too complicated and not user-intuitive.

Also in favor of right sided controls, I still maintain:

1) It is easier for right handed people.
2) Most people come from a Windows background. This I say from the fact that 90% of OS share is windows. They are used to a convention of right sided windows control. Ubuntu is perceived as a distro to which makes linux transition easy. Thus, right handed controls will only help making Unity more usable.

Again, you may feel that my generalization i wrong or not apt. But I personally have come from a certain background and I find a certain convention favorable and easy. Unity should not force its choices on me without leaving an option to revert back.