Comment 777 for bug 532633

James Lewis (james-fsck) wrote :

I can't say that I initially liked the buttons on the left... and it irritated me that I couldn't move them back, however thanks to this thread I know how to move them, and knowing that I can... I haven't... I think that's a worthwhile lesson TBH, force a change and it will upset people, but if they have the option to change it back, 99% of people won't.

At the moment, it does look a bit illogical... but as I understand it, the remaining section of the title bar will be used for "something else"... so probably the jury is still out on if the eventual outcome will be good... I'm betting it will be.

As for the previous poster suggesting that this is the reason to move to another distribution... IMO, that's ridiculous... Ubuntu has clearly made huge strides in the last few releases and 10.04 is no different... if you don't like the window controls on the left, move them back to the right and chill!

IMO, we should spend more time worrying about getting BTRFS in, and personally I'd like to see a GUI to manage LUKS encrypted volumes & files... so we can steer people away from truecrypt, rather than spending so much effort debating such a simple change as if some buttons are on the left or the right.