Comment 776 for bug 532633

On 23/07/10 13:18, Martin Wildam wrote:
> In reality there should be more and better cooperation in the Linux
> world between distributions. With actions like this - and now we get
> back to the topic finally - the Ubuntu team is causing separation and
> not uniting forces which would be so important for the whole Linux
> community.

I'd like to hear your justification for that statement. We've:

 - built a bug tracker that explicitly lets us share bugs and fixes with
other distributions and upstreams (and is still the only open source
comprehensive hosting platform)
 - consistently invited people from other distributions (debian, red
hat, suse) to our conference, even sponsoring them
 - supported multiple efforts to converge on open standards across
desktop environments and distributions

You're entitled to your opinions, but simply repeating something you
heard (potentially from a competitor) is a poor way to form or shape