Comment 775 for bug 532633

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 13:23, Ubuntu-Me <email address hidden> wrote:
> Rather then deal with Mark's mistakes directly, and I think I speak for
> many,  I can only say one thing.
>                                     (    DEBIAN !    )
My problem with debian the last time I tried it is that I need to do
much more things by hand and they have very old versions of some
programs in their repositories only. - But maybe you are using the
"testing" version and not the "stable".

I tried several other distributions also but had issues with Fedora
also for example. I like(d) Ubuntu for making most things work
out-of-the-box or with just a few clicks. I can't frickle around at
each new user with Hardware xy.

Unfortunately, even with the mobile internet sticks which were used to
work out-of-the-box for me I got more and more troubles lately.
However, I could help them being solved in Lucid during beta - but
this is off-topic here.

The point for me is: It is not so easy to find the right distribution
- either had a hardware lately that only works with Suse (no other
distri tested worked) although I avoid Suse where I can.

In reality there should be more and better cooperation in the Linux
world between distributions. With actions like this - and now we get
back to the topic finally - the Ubuntu team is causing separation and
not uniting forces which would be so important for the whole Linux
Martin Wildam