Comment 63 for bug 532633

Omer, I do not disagree with your statement and I have grown used to the new position/ordering myself. However, any change to habits must have a reasoning behind it.

When NotifyOSD was introduced, people had to change some habits, but all the usability arguments and future roadmaps were/are available in a nice wiki page for anyone to see. The same goes for the Messaging Menu, the Software Center and the Me Menu. Even the color choice in the new branding was explained in a long and detailed blog post by Mark Shuttleworth.

For the button positioning, however, there was absolutely no official stance from the design team on the reasoning behind it. In a recent Ars Technica article, Ryan Paul states that Ivanka Majic posted explanations in her blog. As I previously stated in this bug report, not only her blog post mentions only the questions and no answers, but clearly states that she does not agree with the design herself.

I doubt that revealing the reasoning would satisfy all users, but at least they would have a base to build arguments on. Right now, a lot of people are *assuming* the reasons and criticizing Canonical based on those assumptions. This is wrong, but there's little else possible when an official statement does not exist.