Comment 59 for bug 532633

Be very careful with this kind of change: A few hours in a virtual machine doing almost nothing but testing may not be appropriate.

To illustrate this, I still sometimes close a window with intend to maximise or minimize it: The reason is these max/min controls were on the right in windows 3.x and close was on the right side... 15 years and I still sometimes make this error!

When I close an autosaved document, that's not so much troubles... but when that's the debugger after 2 hours trying to solve my embedded target problem, that's almost 2 hours lost: Some things cannot be saved and this is why in a corporate environment targeted by LTS, this will be a huge deal breaker for Canonical.

Coherency with many apps (especially the ones using tabs, tab close will stay right as usual... what a mess) is another problem.

Those who give Ubuntu a try at home having windows at work will not want to change their habits several times a day.

Ubuntu bug #1 will not be solved this way IMO...