Comment 513 for bug 532633

Josh Vermaas (yoshi121212) wrote :

I generally don't keep up with all the new releases, and when I upgraded from 8.04 I was generally very impressed by all the improvements that have happened over the past 2 years. And then I noticed that the buttons were on the wrong side. For me on my own personal computer it isn't a big deal (look up way to change it back on google, 5 minutes later, done). However when I help a friend install Linux and their only experience is with Windows, this issue is sufficiently annoying to make me reconsider if I'll recommend Ubuntu over other distributions that will be faster to setup (if only slightly). There is enough stuff to do on a clean install of any desktop Linux distribution (go get the multimedia codecs, a better pdf reader, install Mathematica and/or Matlab, Java, flash, etc.) that adding an extra step really doesn't make any sense to reasonably busy students who need their computer setup quickly.