Comment 496 for bug 532633

Devin Walters (devinw) wrote :


Yes, and I fundamentally disagree with pretty much every single one of Mark's responses to the criticism that follows in the previous *300* posts. There are so many instances in this thread where, as I just said, Mark writes two paragraphs which consist of absolutely *nothing*. Meanwhile, user after user pours their heart out giving him sound factual information on UI design. His response is to respond *as if* he is considering their post, but it is clear that he never has had any intention of being up front and honest with the community as to what all of this means when the whole thing he is planning comes together. That is 'tricky', at best, and quite possibly a flat-out refusal to share any information about future design plans.

What that tells me is that there is no interest whatsoever in doing anything but slowly placating the community with a lot of non-information. It is offensive to those of us with brains.