Comment 492 for bug 532633

Devin Walters (devinw) wrote :

Mark Said:
> Collect data on what's interesting to you. Most of us do this because
> it's interesting, and we like both the company (that's you ;-)) and the
> domain. I can't guarantee that any contribution will make it into
> Ubuntu, whether it be a patch or a translation or a package or an idea.
> But they all make it richer, one way or another. And work that doesn't
> get picked up here is still part of the commons and may have an impact
> elsewhere.

Interesting. Earlier on in the thread you were talking about how it's not a democracy and we shouldn't expect to be able to affect any decision. Now you've slowly changed your tune to say that:

"We'd like you to do a lot of extra work *for us*, which we *should have done ourselves before making this decision*. However, don't count on any of it mattering (because we've already made our decision, remember?)"

You're treating your developers as a commodity and I don't like it one bit. You also earlier on in the thread made mention to providing "meaningful" comments in this thread, and yet at EVERY SINGLE stage of the game you have avoided providing ANY substance. Even if it's not true, you shouldn't be navigating this thread anymore; I think it would honestly be better if you just quit replying. You have done nothing but make me more and more angry the more of your dodgy drivel I am forced to endure.

I didn't even know who you were before this thread, but I now feel pretty dirty knowing the truth about Ubuntu and its "leadership". Mark, you want the best for Ubuntu, but you haven't even thought about reconsidering the entire time, and it's sad you've taken such a close-minded approach to what I heretofore referred to as a community.

What are you thinking, man? Just ignore this thread and make your change like you planned on doing in the first place-- trust me, it's obvious. Quit trying to play politics while giving everyone the subtle middle finger.

I think it's time we parted ways.

I have been thinking about switching distros to something else, and this thread has nothing to do with me caring about button placement (I couldn't have cared less), and everything to do with me doubting the leadership of a project that allows someone in your position to continue to dig a hole this deep. Please quit blowing hot air and go back to your board room.