Comment 467 for bug 532633

scholli (scholli-tz) wrote :

"Don't change things for the sake of change, or to differentiate. Make changes because they make improvements.
(as I said before, no one would just changes the order of throttle and brake in a car, without a very good reason)"

I think differentiate is important. Every OS should have his own identity and not be a habits-clone of Windows.
This change is a improvement or you didn't noticed that? You don't miss brakes in functionality and you have to move the mouse less. About your car-example: Better cars (Sprot-Cars, expensive Cars) moved the gearshifts to the steering wheel. ;-)

More arguments for left:
Gnome 3 is a radical change, the buttons not a bit. Grandma will return to windows or she have to learn a little bit. Changes is usual stuff in life! Gnome 3 have all "important" stuffs on the left side! touch.

Apple slogan is: "Think different ..." and obviously it means "be unique!" Hey and they have real success with it.
It's the simple truth that we have here a very conservative part of a community who is boycott and brake every change and avoid simple the progress.

But okay put the buttons on the right and we are moving senseless to left-right-left-right... and Ubuntu follows the Winodws-Way without own identity. Poor stuff, I know...