Comment 462 for bug 532633

motters (fuzzgun) wrote :

I agree with the comments Jeff Burns makes. For me personally the position of the buttons is not a massive issue, but I am probably not anything like the average user - I'm more in the "power user" bracket.

The main issues with having the buttons on the left are:

i) It may pose issues for some non-technical users, as Jeff points out.
ii) It's hard to justify the change to people if no reasonable explanation has been officially given. When supporting other users I'll just have to say "I've no idea why they moved them to the left hand side", which doesn't look good either for me or Ubuntu generally.
iii) It appears from the number of comments here, and a vote on OMG, that this is a UI change which the community doesn't support. Distros go against the majority views of their users at their peril.
iv) It's just one more piece of ammunition for those who continue to (wrongly) claim that "Linux isn't ready for the desktop".
v) The amount of fuss kicked up by a UI change like this saps productive energy from the community as a whole. There are better things which effort could be focused upon.