Comment 457 for bug 532633

Spang (hetkot) wrote :

As the debate is still alive and kicking, let met drop in example of an argument that has surely passed the board. (What about novice users, and their willingness to migrate)

About a month ago I migrated my 62 year old mothers PC (pretty much used for PC-banking only), from XP tot Karmic. Something I would never have considered before Ubuntu times.

Anyhow a long story short, the transition form XP to Karmic went quite smoothly, no complaints so far. I am afraid however, if I'd migrate that home PC from Karmic to Lucid, without putting back these buttons where they were, the first question would be to go back to Windows.

I think thats a fear easily generalized. Moving those buttons will reduce the likelihood that people actually migrate from the most used desktop OS so far. I'm not even sure I would have gone Ubuntu all the way a few years ago, with those buttons over there. I may not be a kernel hacker, but as a computer science engineering graduate I wouldn't qualify myself a novice ;)