Comment 449 for bug 532633

Jef Spaleta (jspaleta) wrote :


Would you like to suggest a better engagement strategy to get Mark talking? He's been pretty reluctant to communicate about specifics in the role he sees externals playing in design decisions until I started poking him in the eye..over and over and over again. I'd like nothing better than to not have to do it this way, because it really doesn't make me look that good. But its effective, and I care more about seeing a workable process that provides a satifactory way to drive feedback into the design process than I do about how you or Mark think about me personally.

I'm persistent in my messaging about better communication, yes. But I'm not berating him and I'm definitely not suggesting that he should have know better. He's human, he'll make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Mark however has a track record of being difficult accepting and acknowledging when he's made an error in judgement, in a timely manner. And in this matter I'm not going to push it so far as to get him to publicly acknowledge he's made an error in his communication strategy, there's no need for that. This is not a personal vendetta. But he does need to accept that fact, and understand how the lack of communication from him and the design team has impacted the quality of feedback he's getting now. I'm being persistent now, so that he'll commit to a better process for next time soon enough to impact design experiments in the 10.10 time frame.

400 comments deep into a bug ticket, several rounds with me, and its the first time he's mentioned "crowdsourcing". That's a problem. That's a big fundamental problem. I think he needs to sit down with an hour of quality Jono Bacon time and have Jono sketch out a crowdsourcing process that the design team can commit to using that includes a coherent communication strategy. I expect Jono could greatly improve on my strawman process.